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Have you ever wanted to integrate new modalities of treatment such as integrative medicine, trauma, and neuroscience into your practice, but felt unable to do so because there was no available means to get the training?

Have you wished that someone would objectively screen and qualify conferences and workshops before you spent your time and money on ones that were boring, unhelpful, didn’t help you develop your practice, or lead to any further certification or credentialing?

Have you grown weary of having to explain to patients and others how you are different from other mental health professionals?



As psychotherapists ourselves, we know how you feel. We understand the dilemma we all face in maintaining relevance, integrating the latest research, expanding our knowledge base, and developing our skills. This requires cost-effective CEU’s with experts and authors who have not only extensive knowledge but are also active clinicians with real life practical experience. The American College of Psychotherapy has assembled a multidisciplinary group of professionals, authors, and experts, who can train you in psychotherapeutic interventions as well as a variety of specialties.  These skills will enable you to:

Design Your Professional Future

Define Your Professional Identity

Develop Knowledge, Skills, and Expertise

Distinguish Yourself from Others

We are here to help you develop excellence in psychotherapy through selected educational programs that will result in personal and professional growth, increased revenue, and a credentialing accolade that will elevate your personal and professional reputation.

Become an American Board Certified Psychotherapist

The American Board of Psychotherapy has put together a rigorous and rich program for those who want to excel in the field of psychotherapy. Having finished the required number of units in those courses approved by the American College of Psychotherapy, you can apply to be Boarded in Psychotherapy, by the American Board of Psychotherapy.

The Board acknowledges and rewards you for participating in a wide range of training in psychotherapy and identifies you as being highly trained, skilled, and most competent in your field of study. Once you achieve the American Board Certification in Psychotherapy, and your CEU’s continue to accumulate, additional levels of Certification, such as Fellow and Diplomate are available. As your CEU hours accrue, you have the opportunity for Certification in a specific area of study, as a “Specialist”.

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Join one of the fastest growing, multidisciplinary, professional organizations in the country.” The whole greater than the sum of its parts.” Join us and let your voice be heard. Receive newsletters with the latest research, free podcasts, and webinars. Get marketing information to optimize your position in Social Media.

Over 13,000 clinicians can’t be wrong.

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Discounts on the highest quality CEU programs in the Country. Save money on your CEU workshops to pay the cost of your membership. We also save you money by negotiating discounts fees for admission to other workshops and conferences as well as hotels and rental cars.

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Purchase a beautiful Certificate of Membership, attesting to your commitment to knowledge, expertise, and conveying competence to your patients and other professionals.

Define and Protect your Professional Identity

Differentiate yourself as a Psychotherapist from other mental health professionals by membership in the American College of Psychotherapy.


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