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The Center for Self Leadership presents:


A 12-Month Private Online Program with Dr. Richard Schwartz and Senior IFS Trainers Toni Herbine-Blank and Pamela Krause.

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April 26-28, 2019

Mindfulness and Relationships. 15 CE Hours.

$495.00 through April 1st, $530 after

 Special opportunity: add the 4/26 Pre-conference to your enrollment for just $100.00

Pre-conference 4/26: Awareness-Based Systems Leadership: Cultivating Generative Social Fields and Systems Change

Timeless Wisdom, Timely Action Cultivating Presence, Compassion, “MWe”* and Wellbeing in the Integration of Identity 4/26 – 28/2019

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How can we address the suffering on the planet? How can we move from despair into action?

We are at a pivotal moment in our collective history in which the human mind and the sense of self that emerges from it have the power to change the face of our world. Insights into our mental life and how to cultivate it by getting to know and empower our consciousness, emotions, beliefs, identity, relationships, and behavior can determine how life on this planet unfolds now and for generations to come. Through a combination of deep experiential immersions with conceptual discussions and practical skill-building based upon wisdom practices from a range of cultures, this integrative conference will nurture personal, professional, and public resilience, cultivate well-being, and inspire ingenuity through strengthening the mind and integrating the experience of “self” as we develop effective and timely means for action in the world. Join our gathering of clinicians, contemplative practitioners, educators, ecological activists, and scientists engaging in conversations exploring fundamental ideas about how to harness the human capacity for wise action and the mind skills needed for an awakening of awareness to a larger belonging.

This three day event has been created as a continuum that links the practical skills of the pre-conference workshop on Friday with the unfolding of reflective practice and conceptual knowledge through the flow of Friday night’s sessions to the fullness of Saturday and Sunday. A continuity across the sessions has been intentionally planned to build practices and knowledge about the interconnections among personal reflection, our relationships with one another and nature, and the need for public action in our contemporary world. If you can join us on the journey, for the pre-conference workshop, for the conference, or for both, an exciting and immersive learning experience is on the horizon! Welcome!

Come join us and enjoy the natural beauty of the Marriott Hotel, Marina del Rey Hotel, adjacent to Mother’s Beach, and the Pacific Ocean on April 26-28, 2019

Coordinators: Daniel Siegel, MD, & Bonnie Goldstein PhD

Lifespan Learning Institute’s Annual IPNB Conference

In Collaboration with Insight LA, 1440 Multiversity, The Garrison Institute, Mindsight Institute & UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center

21st International Energy Psychology Conference: The Art & Science of Transformational Change

MAY 2–6, 2019

Hyatt Tamaya Resort Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

By: Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Joan Borysenko, PhD,

Larry Dossey, MD,

Bill O’Hanlon, MS,

Kenneth Pelletier, PhD, MD,

Beverly Rubik, PhD.

Join 500+ professionals at the premiere mind-body conference designed to nourish, educate and empower you on all levels.

You don’t want to miss…

  • SPECIAL track for therapists new to energy psychology 
  • Learning tools that go beyond just talking about the problem 
  • One or two day intensives 
  • This incredible opportunity to join with like-minded colleagues from many fields. It will nourish your heart, mind and soul. 
  • Learning that meets you on all levels, with lectures, demonstrations, hands-on practice, morning energizers and tips to help you integrate your inspiration and learning at home 
  • The conference includes full breakfasts and one lunch included in your price.
  • And on top of all this, earning up to 43.5 CE/CME/CNE hrs! 

With world-class faculty and like-minded colleagues, you’ll learn tools to become a more effective change agent for your clients, community and beyond.

“This conference is the only place I know that embraces such a powerful diversity of disciplines and seeks to integrate them – including energy psychology, EFT, Qigong, neuroscience, and trauma work. It’s an immersion experience in the language of subtle energy.”

– Gary Peterson, MD

Price Increases after April 8th

Learn more and Register Now! http://Energypsychologyconference.com


Save $75 of the Live conference use promotion code ACP75 (For ACP Members)


Can’t Attend Live? Check out the Online Livestream Version

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Live stream sales begin March 21. Prices increase after April 8th

Learn More and register at http:/energypsychologyconference.com/livestream


May 29-June1, 2019
BOSTON, MA 02210
Phone:  617-385-4500
Course Description:

The study of trauma has probably been the single most fertile area in helping to develop a deeper understanding of the relationship among the emotional, cognitive, social and biological forces that shape human development. Starting with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adults and expanding into early attachment and overwhelming attachment and social experiences in childhood (“Developmental Trauma”), this endeavor has elucidated how certain experiences can “set” psychological expectations, bodily experiences and biological selectivity.

When addressing the problems of traumatized people who, in a myriad of ways, continue to react to current experience as a replay of the past, there is a need for therapeutic methods that do not depend exclusively on drugs, talk or understanding. We have learned that most experience is automatically processed on a subcortical level of the brain; i.e., by “unconscious” interpretations that take place outside of conscious awareness. Insight and good intentions have only a limited influence on the operation of these subcortical processes, but synchrony, movement and reparative experiences do. This conference will present both basic research about the impact of trauma over the life cycle, and a range of effective interventions that are being practiced in clinics, schools, prisons, families, and communities around the world.


Conference Director:
Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD

Beatrice Beebe, PhD
Nadine Burke Harris, MD 
Julian Ford, PhD
Michael Mithoefer, MD
Bruce Perry, MD, PhD
Martin Teicher, MD, PhD
Ed Tronick, PhD
Richard Schwartz, PhD 
Stephan Wolfert, MFA 
Robert Whitaker 
Alisha Ali, PhD 
Cathy Malchiodi, PhD 
and many more