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Our membership is designed as a multidisciplinary and collaborative effort with the belief that all members provide contributions that are valuable, welcomed, and regarded. The collective wisdom among our varied disciplines, is as important to our growth and development as the courses we offer.

“We have finally come together”

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Membership in The American College of Psychotherapy is inclusive and available to;

Professional Counselors



Neurofeedback Therapists

Addiction Counselors

Professional Counselors

Pastoral Counselors

Marriage and Family Therapists

Social Workers

Mental Health Counselors


Nurses / Nurse Practitioners

Rehabilitation Specialists

Pain Management Specialists





Physician’s Assistant

School Counselors

Chaplains / Clergy


Applicants must:
  • Have an M.D., PhD, or Masters’ Degree, (or be working on one) from an accredited institution in the field of (or related to) psychology, psychiatry, mental health, counseling, medicine, psychophysiology, neuroscience, or addiction.
  • Must demonstrate, advocate for, and promote ethical professional practices with no previous violations or sanctions from your licensing board.
  • Be licensed or certified in your field of expertise or be working on licensure under direct supervision of a licensed professional.
  • If unlicensed you must be in a jurisdiction that permits you to do psychotherapy without a license or be employed in the Medical, Mental Health, Recovery, or closely related field.
Your online application must pass our admissions review.