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Membership in the American College of Psychotherapy is inclusive and available to:


Addiction Counselors
Marriage and Family Therapists
Mental Health Counselors
Neurofeedback Therapists
Nurses/Nurse Practitioners
Pain Management Specialists
Pastoral Counselors


Physician’s Assistants
Professional Counselors
Rehabilitation Specialists
School Counselors
Social Workers


Applicants must:

  • Have an M.D. , PhD, or Masters’ Degree (or be working on one) from an accredited institution in the field of (or related to), psychology, psychiatry, mental health, counseling, medicine, psychophysiology, neuroscience, or addiction.
  • Must demonstrate, advocate for, and promote ethical professional practices with no previous violations or sanctions from your state licensing board.
  • Be licensed or certified in your field of expertise or be working on licensure under direct supervision of a licensed professional. 
  • If unlicensed, you must be in a jurisdiction that permits you to do psychotherapy without a license or be employed in the Medical, Mental Health, Recovery, or closely related field. 

Your online application must pass our admissions review.




Whether you’re attempting to reach personal or professional goals, the American College of Psychotherapy’s educational tools and membership programs are here to benefit you in a variety of different ways:

Double the Value of Your CEU dollars

All of the CEU program hours approved by the American College of Psychotherapy accrue and can be used to qualify you for various other certifications and specialties.


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Define, Consolidate and Protect your Professional Identity

Differentiate yourself as a Psychotherapist from other mental health professionals through membership in the American College of Psychotherapy and the training offered.


Impressive Membership Certificate

Purchase a beautiful Certificate of Membership, attesting to your commitment to professional development,and expertise, while conveying competence to your patients and other professionals.


Prescreened CEU Programs

We save you time and money by objectively prescreening workshops for quality and content while offering you the opportunity to learn from the most qualified Experts. “To be the best, get the best, from the best.” Now you can do it cost effectively. We’re the BBB of CEU’s.

Increase Practice Revenue

In addition to savings, increase revenue and expand the scope of your practice by developing your expertise, competence and additional skills  through programs taught by the authors and  experts.

Become an American Board Certified Psychotherapist

By virtue of your membership in the American College of Psychotherapy, your approved CEU’s accumulate and qualify you to become eligible to be an American Board Certified Psychotherapist which will enhance your professional identity while developing your Professional skills.

Lower the cost of your CEUs

Discounts on the highest quality CEU programs in the country.  Use the savings on your CEU workshops to pay the cost of your ACP membership.  We also save you money by negotiating discounts fees for admission to other workshops and conferences as well as hotels and rental cars.

Join a Fast-Growing Community

Join one of the fastest growing, multidisciplinary, professional organizations in the country.” The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Join us and develop your network and collegial relationships to optimize your development and that of your practice.

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