Our Experts

Join the American College of Psychotherapy and get the most out of your CEU investment in yourself and your future. Come and enjoy time with the  “giants” in the field. It represents a real investment in yourself and your future. Experience these “the Masters” every opportunity you get.

Only CEU’s by these, our designated Faculty and those of our Approved Providers, will be accepted by the American Board of Psychotherapy for Certification with some rare, pre-approved exceptions.

Dan Siegel

Jeffery Zeig

Stephen Porges

Bessel van der Kolk

Harville Hendrix

Helen Lekelly Hunt

David Burns

Sue Johnson

Esther Perel

Judith Beck


Daniel Amen

David Perlmutter

Robert Thatcher

Louis Cozolino

Sibern Fisher

Peter Levine

Marsha Lineham

Robert Sapolsky

Judeth Beck

Alexander Lowen

John and Julie Gottman

Pat Love

Sal Minuchin

James Masterson

Susan Blank

Earnest Rossi

Dan Siegal

Michael and Lynda Thompson

Aaron Beck

Richard Soutar

Merrill Norton

Irvin Yalom

Paul Swingle

Antonio Damasio

Thomas Cullura

Robert Dilts

Jack Kornfield

Otto Kernberg

Harriet Lerner

Jean Houston

Cloe Mandanes

Ruth Lanius

Pat Ogden

Gabor Mate

Jack Ginsberg

And more….

Let your CEU experience be part of the greater gift of your profession. If it was just about information, you could go to the library.

We have had the opportunity to spend time with most of these listed above and their accessibility, warmth, and wisdom is inspiring. Their collegial style is welcoming and their impact on your personal and professional life will be enduring. They are gracious and have regard for you as professionals dedicated to the care of others.

A note of thanks to our faculty and providers of our curriculum:      

As a member of the American College of Psychotherapy, each time you attend an approved presentation, your investment is DOUBLED by the American Board of Psychotherapy accepting credits toward Credentialing at no additional charge for the, CEU’s.