Psychopharmacology :

Neuroscience, Addiction, and Romance, with Humor

Merrill Norton Pharm. D.

6 CEU’s
for LPC’s (CEU’s for Social Workers, LMFT’s, and Nurses applied for)

Merrill Norton (2)The funniest and most profound presentation you have ever attended. Based on the latest research, this workshop will change you perception and method of treating Addiction and Mental Disorders.

This workshop will address the latest neuroscience and research in psychopharmacology. Issues of the most popular psychotropic medications, opiates, substances, and illicit drugs will also be discussed including their efficacy, side effects, and long term consequences. We will explore the latest research and how it is changing our understanding of addiction and our approach to treatment. The impact of our lifestyles on the pleasure, pain, and reward centers of the brain will also clarify the importance of relationships, both psychotherapeutic and interpersonal. The relationship of romance and attachment in brain chemistry will open new considerations about treatment and psychotherapy. Genetic research and new methods of predicting the probability of addiction, for patients and professionals, will provoke new considerations for responsible self-care and prevention. The humor of Dr. Norton will make this experience insightful, enjoyable, and impactful.

Dr. Norton is an author, humorist, and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy with his specialty areas to include psychopharmacology and addiction pharmacy. Dr. Norton  has worked with impaired pharmacists and other health care professionals for over 25 years and is the former Director of the Recovering Pharmacists Program at the Talbott Recovery Campus. He is Past President of the Georgia Addiction Counselors Association and member of both the Georgia Pharmacy Association and the American Pharmacy Association.

Dr. Norton is the President and CEO of Chemical Health Associates, Inc. of Athens, Georgia, a national consulting organization for mental health, alcohol and drug services. The Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia has credentialed Dr. Merrill Norton as a Internationally Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional Diplomate (ICCDP-D). The ICCDP-D is the highest international credential that can be obtained through IC&RC and ADACB-GA and signifies that the holder has advanced training and experience in Addiction Treatment and is especially aware of ethical, methodological, and research issues associated with the treatment of the co-occurring patient.

Dr. Norton is the 2009 recipient of the Georgia School of Addiction Studies (GSAS) Excellence in Addiction Treatment Individual Achievement Award “for his unselfish dedication to the treatment of addicted families, not only in the state of Georgia, but nationally.”

CEU’s will also be applied for Board Certification by the American Board of Psychotherapy