Learn the fundamentals of five major schools of couples’ therapy.


When: Friday, April 12th through Sunday, April 14th
Wherewestdrift Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach, California

Relationships can go through stages just like individuals do. Sometimes they get stuck, and there’s a real need to figure out what will help them flourish. But what does that mean?

Terry Real will be presenting his Relational model of couples therapy. This is a model that produces deep, permanent change in couples quickly, and is done by doing deep character and trauma work in the presence of the other partner. The personality work, character work and the trauma work is all done right there — it’s not farmed out. It’s a very active therapy. And a lot of rules are broken – we judiciously self-disclose, we take sides… As a couples therapist in school, the cardinal rule was “Thou shalt not take sides”. But not all problems are 50-50. But by looking at the big picture, we can take on traditional socio-political and gender roles and help people move forward with their intimacy in three phases.


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