If you dread your next appointment with a couple, avoid doing couples therapy altogether but would like to, or love couples and want to do it better, join Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., and faculty assistant Carol Kramer in this rare opportunity to study with the founders of Imago Relationship Therapy. In this training, you will learn how to look at couple’s therapy through a new lens and learn how to help couples:

  • See each other and their relationship in a new way
  • Practice talking without polarizing
  • Activate undeveloped potential
  • Shift from judgment to curiosity
  • Awaken from their symbiotic trance
  • Go through the seven stages of differentiation
  • Learn the Zero Negativity and Affirmations process
  • Connect current struggles to childhood issues and co-heal
  • Use their relationship to integrate their brains
  • Achieve relationship mastery and sustain it
  • Create a Conscious Partnership

This theory driven, skill-building training will help you get to the heart of most couples’ biggest challenge—accepting difference and becoming partners in the co-creation of a Conscious Partnership which meets developmental needs from childhood, thus restoring original connection, full aliveness, and joy. Methods will include lectures, live demonstration, practice, and videos. The training is credited by the Imago International Training Institute towards certification as an Imago Therapist if you wish to continue training and become a Certified Imago Therapist.